Kafarski Equities LLC can provide you with a way to invest in commercial income property through an Investment group.

We provide all management services.

Through an Investment Group sponsored by Kafarski Equities you can realize the benefits of real estate ownership without the challenges of acquiring and managing real estate.

We simplify the real estate investing process by performing these tasks for the group:

  • We find and purchase a property
  • We find other investors to form the investment group
  • We provide all the investors with a Prospectus providing detailed information and analysis of the specific property before any investment is made
  • You invest with other investors in the group and purchase a share of the property
  • Your liability is limited to the amount of your investment
  • Our company provides property management
  • We furnish you with regular financial and operating reports including annual tax return documents
  • We distribute any operating profits to the investors on a regular basis.
  • We arrange the future marketing and sale of the property
The Benefits of a Group Investment include:
  • By investing with a group you join forces with other investors
  • The real estate receives expert management by a real estate professional
  • You are able to invest in a property larger than you could buy on your own
  • By investing in a larger property, the investor benefits because a larger property is more stable economically and enjoys an advantage of scale

The type of group investment offered by Kafarski Equities is not new. This type of investment is also known as a real estate syndication and syndicates or groups of investors have been formed for many years in the United States as well as internationally.

Through our affiliated companies, Kafarski Equities LLC operates commercial properties.
We are involved with apartment buildings and properties that contain both retail stores and apartments

We know through long experience that these property types offer the best means of preserving invested capital while offering cash flow and potential for appreciation of the asset. Property selection and property management are two critical aspects of the investment process.

We provide expert experienced management.

Robert J. Kafarski ARM, CCIM is the company president. Since 1980 he has owned, managed, developed, financed and brokered New York real estate. Mr. Kafarski is an expert property manager. He is a hands on property owner and he manages all of the properties he owns now. Since purchasing his first large apartment building in 1980 he has been involved with every aspect of multifamily and retail property management including Landlord and Tenant Law, Property Finance, Maintenance of all Building Systems, Leasing, Accounting, Compliance with Government Regulations, Insurance, General Contracting, Upgrading of Building Systems, Renovation and Repair. He has a great deal of experience working with attorneys, bankers, insurance agents, architects, engineers, real estate consultants. Government regulation of residential property is extensive. Mr. Kafarski has extensive experience dealing with most government agencies affecting real estate in New York City. The Certified Commercial Investment Member professional degree (CCIM) is awarded to real estate professionals that are leaders in the profession. A CCIM has completed graduate level courses in Financial Analysis, Decision Analysis, Transaction Analysis, Market Analysis. In order to receive the designation a real estate practitioner must demonstrate that they are actively completing real estate transactions at a specified volume. A rigorous series of exams must be passed. Mr. Kafarski received the CCIM degree in 2004. Robert Kafarski’s 30 years of experience and demonstrated commitment to his profession is your assurance that he will be determined to spare no effort in safeguarding your investment. The positive aspects of real estate investment groups are outlined in this presentation. Real estate involves many different disciplines such as finance, law, engineering, marketing, accounting, various technologies and others. An investor should have an experienced real estate professional guiding the process from inception to end. Kafarski Equities can provide this guidance. We are experts in the field of commercial real estate investing.

Robert Kafarski invites you to contact him to discuss your questions about this unique business. If you wish to discuss any details about group investing or current real estate market conditions you are encouraged to phone him at (212) 568-5656.

Benefits of Commercial Property ownership

Commercial Income Real Estate can provide many benefits to a property owner including:

  • Cash Flow
This is the profit that may occur to the owner after all the operating expenses are paid from the rents received.

  • Appreciation
Property values usually increase over time.

  • Tax benefits
The Internal Revenue Code allows investors to count Depreciation as an expense. This tax advantage allows investors to reduce their tax liability on operating profits. There are additional potential tax benefits associated with commercial real estate investments, your tax adviser should be consulted.

  • Increase in equity from mortgage principal reduction
If the property has a mortgage, the rental income pays the monthly mortgage payments. Most mortgages are reduced by the monthly mortgage principal payment. Over time the mortgage will be paid off in full.

  • Leverage
A real estate owner can use borrowed money mortgage financing to purchase a property thereby leveraging the investor’s own down payment.

  • Diversification
Diversification is a basic tenet of investing. “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” is an old and respected proverb. An investment portfolio consisting primarily of financial instrument type investments such as stocks or bonds can benefit from an investment of some of the portfolio in real property.

  • Inflation adjustment
The rents can be increased to keep up with inflation. Also as construction and material costs increase, an existing property’s value increases as the replacement cost of the property increases.

  • Transparency
Property ownership records are officially entered into government records and are usually available to the public.

  • Real Asset Investment
When you invest in real estate you own a real asset not a paper instrument like a stock or bond.

The case for investing in commercial income property is compelling. Most financial advisors and financial planners advise investors to include some real estate investments in their portfolio.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the investment structure?

Only Accredited Investors (see definition below) may invest in our offering.

The investment is structured as a Limited Liability Company (LLC). Investors purchase and own investment units in the LLC. The LLC holds title to (owns) the real estate.

Will I receive written materials before I invest?

We must provide you with a written Prospectus before we can accept any investment.

Can we meet to discuss this investment?

Robert Kafarski can meet with you personally to discuss this program.

Can I easily sell my investment units?

No market exists for resale of the investment units.

What fees are charged by Kafarski Equities?

All fees and profit distributions are explained in detail in the Prospectus.

An Accredited Investor is defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission as a person who has an individual net worth, or joint net worth with the person's spouse, that exceeds $2 million at the time of purchase, excluding the value of the primary residence of such person or a person with income exceeding $200,000 in each of the two most recent years or joint income with a spouse exceeding $300,000 for those years and a reasonable expectation of the same income level in the current year.